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Demarcated Region of Dão

The Demarcated Region of Dão
was instituted, by charter, in 1908


It had the primacy of being the first demarcated region for non-liqueur wines in the country and the second demarcated region for wines in the country.  

The Dão region is known as " Burgundy  Portuguese"

Located between 350/700 M of altitude, it has approximately 20000  acre  in  came,  of the 376 000 hectares of  surface  total, extending through several districts between the mountains of Caramulo, Montemuro, Buçaco and Estrela.


The predominantly granitic soil, the unique terroir and the favorable climate with wide thermal amplitude: winters are cold and rainy while summers are hot and dry, give character, complexity, elegance, balance and maturity to DÃO WINES, requirements for aging potential. harmonious and delicate.

The vineyards are made up of a variety of varieties, including:  

Touriga Nacional (originally from Dão)

Alfrocheiro,  Jaen and Tinta Roriz (in the red varieties)

Encruzado, Bical, Cercial, Malvasia Fina and Verdelho (in white varieties) .

White wines are very aromatic, fruity and well balanced.

The reds are full-bodied, aromatic and can gain a lot of complexity and elegance after aging in the bottle.

JL57198 (Medium).jpg

Vinhos brancos de cor amarela-citrina, são bastantes aromáticos, frutados, suaves, frescos e  final exuberante e acidez equilibrada.

Vinhos tintos de cor vermelho-rubi são intensos a fruta madura, taninos finos e acidez balanceada, cuja complexidade e elegância exalta após envelhecimento em garrafa.


Furthermore, the region is composed of six sub-regions: Alva, Besteiros, Serra da Estrela, Silgueiros, Terras de Azurara and Terras de Senhorim (Santar)

Dan lives on earth,
live in the sky
Live in the immensity.
Give it early morning sun,
It's moonlight in the dark.
Jump in the rain,
Dry in the wind,
And it's already on the horizon.
Give is growth,
In constant motion.
Give receives a lot of love and care, 
So much so that it gets pampered.
Give overflows gratitude.

Having the time passed,
Dão grows beautiful and illuminated.



Curious people leave for the region,

Which so far I have revealed.

Even if it doesn't look like it.


So, Dão decides to show himself to everyone.


Dão is a very healthy fruit.

Give is UVA.


That's when your beauty, your smell and taste,

They were awakened.

Great pleasure!


It's for him and for him,

That many come and will come.

Welcome to DÃO!

(K. Troccoli)

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