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Our history

Farm of emotions and sensations

Located at the heart of DOC Dão and surrounded by Serras da Estrela, Buçaco, Caramulo, Freita and Montemuro, Quinta da Lameiras/ Quinta  das Mestras is located in the historic town of Santar, place of high architectural and landscape quality, surrounded by large areas of farms and gardens.


Highlight the role of the various generations that lived here and transmitted the seeds of knowledge and culture, having been for several decades the home of teachers in Santar – As Mestras.





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Quinta das Mestras, with an area of 15 ha, is a symbiosis of natural and cultural elements that allows you to experience particular Sensations and Emotions : the houses, the winery, the vineyards, the olive groves, the orchards, the lagoons, the fauna and flora and proximity to the Dão river. The integration and complementarity of cultures has always been a hallmark of Quinta das Mestras, a pioneer in the region, what will remain as pillar.

Its century-long history is marked by the tradition in wine production. The landscape, the privileged sun exposure , the biodiversity of the space, the sustainability procedures, added to the physical-chemical composition of the soil, provide unique conditions, unique terroir , for the production of grapes and wines of unique quality.


The transmission to the forthcoming generations of the region's rich heritage and ancient knowledge is the mission of those who own and cherish this land.

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Quinta das Mestras - Santar

Quinta das Mestras Santar

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