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Vila de Santar

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Santar is a noble village located in the region of Dão-Lafões, with high architectural and landscape quality, surrounded by large areas of farms and gardens, where the wine-growing activity defines and shapes the daily lives of the populations.

In the region we find several archaeological remains of Roman occupation, as well as several records of occupation from the early Middle Ages.

During the reign of D. João I, the lands of Santar belonged to Diogo Soares de Albergaria, who boosted its development based on agricultural potential, more precisely wine-growing.

Santar has been a village since March 21, 1928 and, considered one of the noblest and most beautiful in the district of Viseu, designated at the height of development and importance as "Cortes da Beira", according to Júlio Gil's reference in "The most beautiful villages in Portugal". ”.

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THE  The parish of Santar still retains its ancestral roots in the streets of granite houses and in the urban complex with a manor style.  

From the legacy of the last centuries, several manor houses and emblazoned stand out, the result of the viticultural strength that has always characterized Vila de Santar over the centuries, such as the Solar dos Condes de Santar, which dates from the 17th and 18th centuries, the Casa das Fidalgas , the Paço dos Cunhas, the Solar a Capela de N. Srª. da Piedade, the Igreja Matriz de Santar, whose construction dates back to the 10th century, the Igreja da Misericórdia de Santar, built in the 17th century, among others. There are also numerous fountains, shrines and cruises in the geographical area of the parish.

The Quintas offer tastings of their portfolio of unique Dão wines and enjoy the unique landscape provided by the valley of the river Dão and the surrounding mountains.

The sunset over the vineyards is unrepeatable.

As Quintas proporcionam inolvidáveis degustações do seu portefólio de vinhos únicos do Dão e convidam a desfrutar de enquadramento  arrebatador do vale do rio Dão e Serras circundantes.

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O por de sol sobre as vinhas é irrepetível

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